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She works as a professor in Science and Social Geography in Brussels.  She is very active in raising awareness of sustainable projects which combines the principle of the 3 P's (People, Planet, Profit). The importance of an interdisciplinary approach through her eyes led her into the co-foundation of an agro-ecological project, Aquaponia (jan, 2014).


She lived for many years in Africa and has a great chance to travel a lot. Meeting different cultures is one of her passions. Her different styles and colours are a kind of "mimicry" of her host countries. The feeling that she can bring people together on the same "wave lengths" gives her a great sense of life. With a simple paintbrush, she puts colours together on her canvas while being inspired by nature and music. Her style is abstract lyric. Recently she prefers using acrylic pigments and multi techniques. She strongly believes that by sending positive messages into the world through her paintings, people will respect and enjoy the cycle of life, their life, ....CARPE ARTE!


With love,



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